What Makes our Beef Different?

Having recently visited Japan, we have wonderful memories of tasting their amazing Kobe wagyu beef.  It is totally different from any beef that we have ever eaten and quite delicious.  It comes from the Tajima strain of Japanese black cattle from the Hyogo prefecture.  It is full of flavour, tender and well-marbled with fat.

So, it is down to the breed, the location and the way in which the animal was treated and fed during its lifetime.

It is exactly the same for our Red Ruby Devon beef. The breed is special, a rare and traditional breed whose history goes back centuries.  Our herd is fully organic, meaning that we adhere to the strictest care and welfare standards, avoiding chemicals and pharmaceuticals, feeding our animals pure, natural food.  And they live a natural life.  Where possible cattle give birth naturally in a field.  Calves stay with their mothers for 6-8 months before weaning.  Throughout their lives they feed on a natural diet of grass, clover,  kale, silage and hay.  All produced on our farms, so that there is no imported soya or maize or other manufactured feed with added chemicals.  No food miles….

The cattle are free to roam our meadows and other fields in a herd group.  That means that they mature more slowly than intensively fed animals, and this slow growth produces the distinctive flavour of the marbled Devon beef.  As Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall says of Red Ruby Devon cattle, “they produce the best beef I have ever tasted”.

We think our beef is special but over the months ahead our Top Meadow Farm shop and website will be featuring guest “rare breed beef” from other breeds, produced locally in North Devon, so that you can make your judgment.