Out To Grass

Spring is officially here. The grass is beginning to grow in our organic meadows and it is time to start letting out our cattle. Traditionally we let out first the younger stock who are less heavy and damage the turf less than the mature cows and bull.

Most winters the grass stops growing and it is only with the coming of spring that fresh shoots are put out. In fact, grass needs a night time minimum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius before most varieties start to shoot. Soon, however, the warm air will produce what farmers call the “spring flush” of grass.

There is great excitement as the yearlings, as we call them, smell the fresh grass. Their anticipation is obvious and, as soon as they are let out into the field, they start to run about and skip. This behaviour is the same with adult cattle and it really is amusing to see a group of mature cows, udders swinging to and fro, skipping and dancing across a field in spring.

The young stock explore the strange new world of life outdoors before tucking in to their first fresh grass for several months. Before long all have their heads down feeding hungrily. They are out to grass!