Our Aberdeen Angus Cattle

We have had some new arrivals this week on the farm. We have bought in a number of organic Aberdeen Angus yearlings to boost our cattle numbers.  They come from a local Soil Association certified organic farm at Spreacombe on the edge of Bideford Bay.  They are “polled” animals which means that naturally they are without horns.

Aberdeen Angus cattle are a breed of renowned quality who produce excellent marbled beef. They are handsome, sturdy, animals with thick black coats.  They make a fine show in the field and, if we provide them with good quality grass, they will soon develop into the stocky animals that are characteristic of this ancient Scottish breed. Most of them have spent the past year on pastures swept by the Atlantic winds so it’s quite a change of scene for them to come to our more sheltered farm set back a little further from the coast.

When they arrived they were a little unsure of their new home but, after a quick gallop around the field and a check of the fences to see how far they could go, they settled down to eat the growing grass. During this time they all held together as a herd. Their instincts telling them that there was safety in numbers so that in a group they could repel any marauding dogs (or wolves in an earlier era).

Within a couple of days they will have settled down in their new home as a small herd, and be comfortable and content with their new surroundings.