Our Door is Always Open

We have an extremely friendly wren. It seems to like people and want to be with us as much as possible. We often sit by the French windows and see the wren foraging among the pots on the patio, looking for insects and spiders, which are its main food.

Outside, in the garden, we can hear its characteristic “sip sip sip” or “tit tit tit” song as it works away, seeking out its prey of tiny insects, cocking it’s tail in perky fashion.

I always open up our bedroom window to air the room, even in winter, and it is clear that our friendly wren has taken the opportunity to investigate our bedroom through the opening. On one occasion I must have shut the window, while the wren was still inside, because that evening we found it perched on our television screen at the other end of the house looking extremely confused!

The Latin name for the wren is troglodyte … the cave dweller, and we can well imagine our primitive cave-dwelling ancestors sharing their homes with friendly wrens.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to get gardening tools from the tool shed to disturb none other than our friendly wren once more.  I thought no more of it until I returned the tools and again was greeted by a fluttering bird escaping the shed. I looked around carefully and eventually discovered a dome shaped nest constructed between an old toolbox and the wall.

What to do? Well, clearly, we must let her lay her eggs and rear her brood there. She must have squeezed in through the very narrow gap at the bottom of the door. But, while that may work for the moment, we doubt its efficacy when she or her partner return, mouths full of insects, to feed their young. So we have decided to keep the shed door open so that they can gain easy access. That is why our door is always open……