The New Butchers Shop in Butchers Row

At long last a butchers shop is coming back to Butchers Row in Barnstaple. The famous Butchers Row in Barnstaple was created in the middle of the nineteenth century as part of the town centre redevelopment that saw the huge, still-existing, Pannier Market built.

For a century, through until the 1960s, the street only had butchers shops and was regionally and nationally  renowned for the quality of its meat trade.  But over the years all that changed and, as supermarkets took over, the number of butchers dwindled until the last one left a few years ago.

Now Top Meadow Farm will be opening at No. 9 Butchers Row on 2nd June.  An earlier opening had been planned but the Covid 19 pandemic delayed our plans to start the shop.

Butcher Pete Dymond will be in charge of the shop.  A master butcher with many years experience in the trade, Pete is looking forward to selling top quality local meat and advising shoppers on how best to create wonderful flavoursome meals.

The new shop will showcase local, traditionally-bred, quality meat mainly from native breeds like Red Ruby Devon cattle.  Where possible the shop will sell organic produce but initially some of the meat will be local, traditionally grown.

During the ongoing pandemic the shop will do its utmost to keep customers safe and, as well as normal sales, will offer a “click and collect” or “phone and collect” service so that customers can order from the website and arrange to collect at a time to suit them.

At long last a top quality butchers shop selling local, traditionally-reared meat in Butchers Row!