Autumn Lamb and Mutton

The swallows and house martins are gathering on the telegraph wires and will soon be departing for sunnier climes. The nights are lengthening and we are now approaching the autumnal equinox. This is the time to start thinking about hearty autumn meals.

Our lamb mince is delicious in Shepherd Pie and the diced lamb is great for a Lancashire Hotpot or an Irish Stew.  But if you want even more flavour, try our mutton.

Mutton has a stronger flavour, can have a little more fat and has a meatier texture than lamb.  It can be used for all of these dishes but it is particularly good in the Kashmiri dish of Rogan Josh. Rogan Josh is essentially a slow-cooked stew with aromatic spices including usually garlic, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves and cinnamon.  Some cooks use onion, some not.  The important thing is for the ground spice or aromatic paste to infuse the mutton during the two hour cooking so that you have meat falling off the bone and melting in the mouth, and the whole dish is a delicious blend of strong flavours.

What could be better to welcome in autumn than a hearty and flavoursome Mutton Rogan Josh served with white rice or paratha?