Go for Goat!

A number of our customers in the TopMeadow Farm shop at 9 Butchers Row, Barnstaple have asked us about kid or goat meat.  Until now we have been unable to source this nutritious meat from any local supplier in North Devon.

But that is all changing as we have found a local supply of goat meat and, from now on, goat will definitely be on the menu!  It is not widely known that goat meat is actually the most popular and widely-sold meat across the world, and is also really good for you!

Kid or goat meat, or “cabrito” as it is known in many countries, is high in protein, and has less fat and cholesterol than beef, pork or chicken meat.  We shall be offering this healthy and flavoursome meat fresh or frozen from our shop from next week.

So, whether you are planning a rich Moroccan goat meat tagine, a slow-roasted Greek style leg, a delicious, spicy Jamaican goat curry or something even more exotic like a Turkish “lahmacun”, ask us about our goat meat.  For those who don’t know “lahmacun”, it is a kind of hot Turkish goat meat pizza.  In nearby Armenia it is known as “lamadjo” and there are delicious variants of this popular street food right across the Middle East.  A rich spicy sauce made with goat mince, tomatoes, garlic and herbs is spread across a circle of pizza dough which is then oven baked to produce the most delicious snack.  Perfect with a glass of really cold beer!