Wild Venison Is Good For You

In response to requests from our customers, we are now sourcing wild venison from the deepest wilds of Exmoor and this will be available in our shop and online.  Wild venison is highly nutritious and has a superb flavour.  If you have not tried it before…..now is the time!

Our wild venison is a versatile meat, with a deep red colour and rich flavour, and can be cooked in a number of ways to produce really special and delicious meals.  Braised venison, cooked slowly in red wine or ale with wild mushrooms is a traditional autumn and winter favourite.  It can also be roasted and served with root vegetables and kale, or fried as steaks with a rich mushroom, cream and port wine sauce and served with chips.  Wild venison mince can be made into rissoles or venison meatballs in a rich tomato sauce or used in pasties and game pies.

“Venison” is a term now used in Great Britain to refer to wild or farmed deer meat.  It is derived from the Latin “venare”, meaning “to hunt” and in previous centuries it was used to refer to any hunted meat including hare and wild boar!  Now it is just used for deer meat.  Deer in the wild are foragers and feed on a totally natural diet of grass, herbs, fruit, berries and nuts.

So, wild venison is a tasty and lean meat, low in fat and high in protein, vitamins and iron.  It has less than a sixth of the saturated fat in beef.  That is why our natural wild venison, as well as having a superb flavour and texture, is healthy and good for you!