A Tasty And Hearty Beef Stew With A Difference…

In our shop and on-line we get a lot of compliments about the quality of our grass-fed Red Ruby Devon beef, its flavour, tenderness and succulence.  In summer that is usually about our steaks, steak burgers or roasting joints.  However, in the last few weeks we have had some wonderful comments from customers about our braising steak, diced stewing beef and slow roast joints.  One of our customers, who had made a hundred mile round trip to buy our stewing beef, said it was the best beef she had tasted since her childhood!

That reminded us that the quality of these cuts of meat is just as important as that of frying and grilling cuts.

So what is different about our beef?  Well, our Red Ruby Devons are specially bred for the quality of their meat, which is “marbled” with small flecks of fat in amongst the lean meat to give extra flavour.  They are traditionally farmed, fed on grass, silage and kale, so that they grow slowly which improves both the flavour and succulence of the meat.

Throughout, they are farmed to high environmental standards, and the majority of the beef we sell is from local organic farms including our own.  Then the meat is well hung, up to 21 days normally, to improve tenderness and intensify the flavour and expertly butchered by our master butchers, Jimmy and Ross.

There are a wide range of braising, stewing or slow roasting joints available.  For example, you can make a traditional casserole of beef with onions, carrots and swede in ale or red wine. But if you use some slices of beef shin as well, which may need a little longer cooking, in addition to other stewing steak, the whole dish will gain a richness and intensity of flavour that will delight the family.  Similarly, adding some chopped belly pork will also enhance the richness and succulence of the dish, and its gravy.  All our shop staff are excellent cooks as well as butchers, so get their advice on the best joints to use for the tastiest and heartiest beef stews or casseroles ever!