Bangers And Mash

As the weather gets colder, the clocks are put back and the nights draw in, November has arrived and it’s Guy Fawkes Night this week, now is the time to start thinking of comfort food. We all enjoy a tasty and hearty meal like a cottage pie coming steaming out of the oven or a beef and onion casserole full of rich flavour.

However, according to a survey commissioned by TV’s “Good Food”, the most popular comfort food in the United Kingdom is …….bangers and mash!!

At Top Meadow Farm our master butchers Ross and Jimmy pride themselves on the quality of the sausages they produce, whether it is a traditional “banger”, a Cumberland sausage, a pork and leek sausage, something more exotic like merguez or South African boerwors, or a traditional beef and pork sausage.

But where did the colloquial or slang word “banger” come from?  Most people seem to think that it started being used in the 1940s during World War ll. However, that is not correct. It was actually first recorded in dictionaries during the Great War of 1914 to 1918. At that time severe food shortages were experienced in Britain and there was a particular shortage of good quality pork. So the butchers of those times bulked up their scant supply of meat with all sorts of other material to make their sausages. When cooked, it was these unpleasant concoctions that exploded in the frying pan to earn the name of the “banger”!!

Fortunately we are able to reassure our customers that at Top Meadow Farm all our sausages are now made with the finest ingredients including pork from our organic Gloucester Old Spot pigs. And, on a cold November night, what could be more of a comfort food than a dish of our finest traditional pork “bangers” with a creamy mash and onion gravy?