Caribbean Goat Curry

Since we launched sales of our and our partner farmers’ goat meat last month, sales of this delicious and flavoursome meat have gone really well.  Our customers tell us that one of their favourite recipes is Caribbean Goat Curry and, with an excellent supplier of chillis and spices next door to us at the North Devon Chillies shop at number 8 Butchers Row, they can easily get all the correct ingredients for this warming and tasty meal in a single shopping trip.

The recipe is very straightforward and can be varied according to personal taste.  Having clarified the onion in oil, and added the ginger, chillies, curry leaves, thyme, curry powder and other aromatic spices, the goat meat is seared before slow cooking in a casserole for 2-3 hours until the meat is breaking up or falling off the bone.  Tomatoes and beans can be added to the curry in the last half hour or so. You can also add extra chillies if you don’t think the dish is hot enough!

This is a versatile recipe and, should goat meat not be available, our organic mutton is an excellent substitute.

Serve in the casserole dish, decorated with lime wedges and fresh coriander leaves, accompanied by rice and peas and Jamaican flatbread (roti). When you eat this, you can really feel the warmth of the Caribbean!