All Our Own Farms Are Now Fully Organic

Nethercott Farm in Yarnscombe is now fully organic. When we bought this 97 acre farm in November 2018 it had been farmed traditionally for decades but was not formally certified as organic. Our other farms at Stone Farm, Bideford and Grabbishaw Farm, Newton Tracey, have been accredited organic with the Soil Association for a number of years, and our aim is to have all our own farms farmed to organic standards.

So, in January 2019, we registered the newly acquired Nethercott Farm with the Soil Association, one of the oldest and most respected of the organic certification organisations in the United Kingdom. For a two year period the farm was then “in conversion”. This means that all the animals and land have to be kept to full organic standards, but produce sold cannot be described as “organic” during this period.

Now all that has changed and Nethercott Farm is fully organic. 

The Soil Association is a charity that was founded in 1946 by Lady Eve Balfour, a pioneer of organic farming, and now accounts for some 70% of organic food in the UK.

The organic movement has four key principles that drive us :

– Health

– Ecology

– Fairness

– Care

Being organic means that we do not use chemical pesticides and fertilisers, we have high welfare standards for our animals, we are totally opposed to genetically modified crops and to intensive factory farming techniques. In short we do our best to support the environment and the traditional family farms and communities in our area. Not all the farms that supply Top Meadow Farm are certified organic but they are local family farms using traditional farming methods, and we visit them regularly to ensure the highest standards for our meat.

In this way our customers can be sure that the food we provide to them is wholesome, tasty and full of flavour as well as the best quality and farmed sustainably.