It’s A Cold January!

For most of the past week we have woken up to clear skies and a frosted and slippery ground underfoot. On one day even the cattle drinking bowls in the shed were frozen.

A water main sprung a leak on another day. We have seen very occasional flurries of hail and sleet.

But, although the weather has been cold, it has been mainly dry, and it looks as though that is going to continue for at least a few more days. The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular on those days when there has been little cloud cover. And blue skies and light cloud have made the days quite pleasant providing you wrap up warm and keep moving! And it has been a time when we have seen large numbers of birds, foraging for food, feasting on the plentiful berries and seed heads.

These are the weather conditions that the farm animals still outside seem to enjoy…. Our Lleyn ewes, hailing as they do from the hills of northern Wales, seem very happy feeding in the winter sun as you can see in the picture.

And, even a few weeks after the winter solstice, the days are starting to get just a little longer, the snowdrops are now starting to flower and we are starting to see the first, tentative signs of the Spring to come!