The Caribbean Revisited

Holidays in the sun may seem a very distant memory as we continue to face the gales, rain and snow of late winter still in lockdown. But those memories of life in the sun can be rekindled.

Sunbathing on the beach, swimming, water sports, reading and relaxing on a sun-drenched verandah, these cannot be recreated in Great Britain in February.  But you can recreate those tasty Greek taverna meals, those evocative Moroccan tagines and, especially, that hot, spicy and flavoursome Caribbean goat curry, washed down by an ice cold beer!

My favourite recipe for a goat curry is very straightforward but really tasty, and we have sourced some excellent goat meat to make this possible for our customers.

For four people with good appetites, you will need one to one and a half kilos of goat meat on the bone. Obviously less if it is off the bone. Ask the Top Meadow Farm butcher to chop it into reasonably sized chunks. Sear the meat in a pan, sprinkling it very generously with curry powder, and place it in a casserole dish. I use curry powder for this recipe, rather than using the more aromatic Indian curry pastes or making my own curry spice mix.  Clarify one large or two medium onions in a little oil and add to the dish, together with a chopped chilli, fresh or dried, a pinch of mace, a generous handful of sultanas and a tin of chick peas, or some chick peas soaked overnight. Cover the contents of the casserole with lamb stock and cook in a slow oven for two to two and a half hours until the meat is soft and falling off the bone. Check seasoning, adding pepper, salt or more chilli powder according to taste, and serve with boiled rice and peas, and, of course, an ice cold beer.

We may not now be able in February to recreate the heat of the Caribbean sun or the warmth of the island welcome, but this delicious dish is a real “winter warmer” and will revive memories of holidays past and, hopefully, those days to come when we shall again be able to enjoy the sun!