Preparing For Spring On The Farm

As we move into March and the days start to lengthen and, dare I say it, the sun starts to warm, we know that Spring cannot be far away. And for us on the farm that means preparing for lambing and calving.

Our Lleyn breeding ewes, being a hardy sort, deriving from the hills of North Wales, have been out all winter, grazing in sheltered fields. Two weeks ago they were brought in to be pregnancy diagnosed (p.d’d) and the good news is that only five in the flock were not in lamb. Our rams have obviously had a busy winter, hard at work!

Now the ewes are being moved onto a field of fresh grass where they will be kept and fed well until lambing starts. They are in good condition as the Winter has not been too harsh and wet, so we are hoping for a successful lambing spell.

Rob, our farm manager, will be very busy during the lambing, and we are bringing in extra temporary help to ensure the welfare of the ewes and the newly born lambs in due course. One of the temporary helpers is a veterinary student as they find this kind of work experience helpful in building up experience for the future.

But, most of all we are hoping to have good, warm, dry weather during lambing so that the ewes and new lambs are not stressed and can thrive with warm sunshine on their backs and good fresh grass in our fields.