Lamb: The Taste Of Spring

As we approach Easter, the dawn chorus and the flowers in our gardens and hedgerows start to show that Spring has indeed arrived, we can start to think about the taste of Spring. And for us that is about our delicious grass-fed Lleyn lamb.

Our Easter Special this year is Leg of Lamb with rosemary, garlic and lemon stuffing, and this also features in our Ultimate Easter Treat Box. But there are also other delicious cuts of lamb that give us the real taste of Spring! Have you tried a slow-roasted, herb-infused Shoulder of Lamb, succulent and tasty, served Mediterranean-style, with haricot beans or potatoes roasted in the juices? Or, if you prefer something lighter : well-seasoned, grilled lamb chops, served with French fries and a crisp green salad?

And for those of you with a larger appetite, ask our butchers to prepare you some Barnsley chops. These are effectively double loin chops, and are said to have first been served to hungry Yorkshire farmers at the Kings Head Hotel in Barnsley in 1849. When the then Prince of Wales visited the town in 1933 to open the new town hall, he was served this delicious dish, and this made Barnsley chops truly famous!

So, this Easter, why not indulge yourself with some of our succulent and tasty grass-fed, organically farmed lamb, Leg of Lamb, Shoulder joint or Barnsley chops? The taste of Spring, and in the latter case, the dish to set before a King!