Great British Beef Week

This week is British Beef Week, an event designed to promote the value of beef as part of a healthy balanced diet. At Top Meadow Farm we are proud of our locally produced beef. Much of it from our own Red Ruby Devon cattle, farmed to Soil Association organic standards, or our local partner farms, traditional small family farms, where the finest beef is produced in the grassy fields of the beautiful North Devon countryside.

Our master butchers at Top Meadow Farm can provide you with the finest cuts, from the classic fillet steak or the flamboyant tomahawk steaks to our finest dry-aged sirloin steaks or a rolled topside roasting joint, the Beef of Olde England!

But for our recipe this week we go to France for a culinary classic, Boeuf Bourguignon.

For this you will need approximately a kilo of Top Meadow Farm stewing or braising steak and 200 gms of our streaky bacon or belly pork.

Chop the bacon or pork into small chunks and fry gently for 2-3 minutes. Cut the steak into large pieces, lightly flour and sear them on both sides in a little oil and place them, with the bacon,  into a large casserole dish. Raise the juices from the bottom of the frying pan with a heavy red wine and pour into the casserole dish as well.

Fry gently 2-300gm peeled shallots or small onions and add to the casserole with a similar amount of button mushrooms. Add several sprigs of thyme or a spoonful of dried thyme, or Mediterranean herbs, 3 or 4 bay leaves, garlic, salt and pepper. Top up the casserole with more red wine or beef stock until the ingredients are fully covered.

Cook in a medium oven for two and a half to three hours, until the beef is tender enough to be cut with a fork. Check regularly to ensure that there is sufficient stock in the casserole.

Serve with sautéed or baked potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage.

Throughout the cooking your kitchen will be filled with the rich scents of the Mediterranean, wafts of herbs, garlic and red wine. And the dish itself will be a delight : chunks of tasty, succulent beef, lardons of bacon, button mushrooms and onions, all in a rich herb-infused wine sauce!