A Salad With A Difference…

We all enjoy a good, old-fashioned Sunday joint of roast beef, and we know that the larger the joint, the better it cooks and tastes. A bigger joint is easier to carve, more succulent and can offer beef ranging from rare to well-done on the same piece of meat! The problem is over what can be done with any beef left over after family or guests have had their fill.

This French supper recipe is delicious, takes little time to prepare and is one of my favourites.

For four people boil 500-600gm salad potatoes or other small potatoes in their skins in well-salted water and allow to cool. Pink Fir Apple or Ratte potatoes are ideal. Remove skins and slice or cube and place in a serving dish. Add 500-600gm lean beef cut into bite-sized pieces. Then add 300gm halved cherry tomatoes or other tomatoes cut into chunks, four chopped shallots and a generous handful of roughly chopped parsley. Season with sea salt and black pepper to taste. Pour into the dish one tablespoonful of olive oil and two of corn or good vegetable oil and mix the salad thoroughly. Then add a tablespoonful of cider vinegar or wine vinegar and mix again. Serve garnished with sprigs of parsley.

If you want to give the dish a Mediterranean twist, add a little chopped fresh thyme or marjoram leaves and some black or green olives.

French families are particularly good at making delicious dishes from left-overs. This simple but tasty dish combines French ingenuity with the beef of Olde England……..a real entente cordiale!