Are We Organic?

We have always believed that farming should be undertaken in sympathy with nature, using traditional methods, respecting our environment.  Our fields and soil and the biodiversity and complex ecology that maintain their health and fertility have always been our priority.

That is why our farm is organic, and any new land we acquire is in conversion to achieve organic status.  This means that we do not use any damaging chemicals or fertilisers. We rely on crop rotation to ensure the sustained fertility of our land.  Careful management of stock minimises the risk of disease among our animals.

“Organic” status in the United Kingdom is managed by what are known as accreditation bodies who ensure that farmers and growers adhere to set European Union and international standards.  Our accreditation body is the Soil Association which has an excellent reputation in this field and campaigns strongly for high environmental standards.

Our produce, which is produced to full organic standards, will carry the Soil Association logo on the packaging.