Lleyn Sheep

Our main breeding ewes are Lleyn sheep from the Lleyn peninsula in Gwynedd, north west Wales. They are a hardy breed with an excellent reputation for the quality of the meat and for their wool.

They are sturdy animals, white in colour and without horns. They thrive on rough grassland, outdoor in all conditions and are well suited to our style of organic farming.

In our first season all but two of our 148 “gimmers” or 1-2 year olds were successfully served by our Lleyn and Hampshire Down rams. When scanned a 168% birth rate was predicted and we ended up with some 230 strong lambs after the inevitable losses.

The lambs stay with their mothers, feeding on milk with an increasing amount of grass as they grow. The lambs know their mothers and their distinctive calls so that at night they return for protection, and probably a feed!

It is one of the pleasures of country life in spring or early summer on a mild evening to watch the lambs, just a few weeks old running and jumping across one of our traditional meadows.