Bustley View Farm

Our local partners and friends at Bustley View Farm, Chris, Mandy and their son Marcus own approximately 100 acres of prime North Devon farmland, some of which has been in the family for over 50 years. They currently have a herd of Pedigree Red Ruby Devon cattle, approximately 250 Sheep and free range hens.

Their Red Ruby Devon herd was started in 2000 when they brought a number of suckler cows, the first bull was also brought and the breeding programme began. This herd has built up slowly over time to what it is today. The Pedigree registered heifers are kept for breeding replacements, the steers and other heifers are reared on grass in the beautiful countryside of North Devon.

The farm also has approximately 250 breeding ewes. There is an early lambing programme in place enabling them to produce new season lambs from Easter onwards.