Here at TopMeadow we are trying to preserve the countryside and look after our environment in as many ways as possible which is why we have spent so many hours working out how best to package our products to you.  Our aim and ethos is to reduce, reuse and recycle products wherever possible.  We know our customers are as keen as we are to be environmentally responsible so we are continually working to reduce our packaging and source sustainable alternatives.


How will your meat be packaged?


All our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers within a day of distribution so you can rest assured it has not been previously frozen.  Further to this all local North Devon deliveries (details of these can be found on our delivery page) are distributed by our own refrigerated van, whilst customers further afield will be supplied by our courier APC – Overnight.  Hence local deliveries will be packaged with the bare minimum whilst all other deliveries require ice packs and insulation.  In all cases we have endeavoured to ensure your products arrive in excellent condition!


For all deliveries each joint, cut or pack of items will be placed either in a “sealed and fresh” brown kraft paper bag or vacuum packed.  All products are labelled with details of weight, use by date and an organic certification sticker if relevant.  Further details about each of the farms that supply our meat can be found in the About Us section of the website so you have a better understanding of the product you have received.


The “sealed and fresh” kraft paper bags are grease and moisture resistant making them freezable and leak-proof.  They are recyclable, but we recommend that you check with your local authority to ensure that they offer the correct recycling facilities.  Our vacuum packaging also utilizes recyclable vacuum pouches using the lowest grade plastic possible to reduce our plastic wastage.  Sadly, although we are not keen on using plastic packaging, in this instance there is no suitable alternative…yet.  For the odd items such as burgers and sausages we will include recyclable plastic trays to ensure these items reach you in perfect shape.  We have tried biocane trays in the past which are plastic-free and tree-free (made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp), but we were not satisfied with their performance and are continuing to test compostable alternatives.  Please let us know if you have any viable suggestions.


For customers receiving their meat boxes by courier we will also be using Woolcool boxes with Woolcool liners to keep the contents cold and fresh.  Woolcool are a great company that have done all the research into what constitutes the perfect combination of sustainable, recyclable and reusable packaging – thanks guys!!  The robust cardboard box can be reused or recycled as can the sheep’s wool liner.  The sheep’s wool is used in place of manmade insulators such as polystyrene reducing landfill.  The wool is sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and reusable as well as being abundantly available!!  That’s a winner for everyone.


Further to this our paper tape is also 100% recyclable so there is no need to remove it from the box before recycling…and, finally to keep the contents of your boxes as cold as possible during transit we will include a couple of ice packs.  These can be stored in your freezer and reused for all those family picnics.