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Beef Brisket


Our beef comes from Red Ruby Devon cattle which are 100% grass fed.  The beef is 28 day matured to ensure an exceptional depth of flavour.

Our beef brisket taken from the breast of our Red Ruby Devon steers is a very versatile cut with excellent flavour and succulence.  The secret of producing delicious brisket of beef is slow cooking.  This brings out the flavour of the beef and produces rich gravy and tender, melt-in-the-mouth meat.  A traditional way would be to pot roast or casserole a brisket joint in a wine or beer stock, adding onions, carrots and mushrooms later in the cooking.  In the USA “Texas barbecued brisket” is a real favourite with the meat slow roasted in a barbecue sauce before being finished over hot coals to blacken the sides.  Brisket is also used to make pastrami, salt beef or corned beef and is ideally suited for braising.

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