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French Trimmed Rack of Lamb



All our Lleyn lamb is organically farmed and 100% grass-fed resulting in a wonderful sweet and flavoursome meat.

Our French-trimmed rack of lamb is the classic dinner party feast with a real WOW factor! Our racks of lamb are cut from the ribs of our locally farmed lambs and “French-trimmed” by our expert master butchers. This means that the ends of the bones are carefully cleaned and scraped to enable your family or guests to pick up the individual chops to taste that last bit of meat on the bone! The rack is best seared in a hot pan before being briefly oven roasted. For the best flavour and succulence, make sure that the joint is pink in the middle, rested and then served with chips and a salad with red currant, mint or rowan jelly on the side.

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