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Lamb Shoulder – On the Bone


All our Lleyn lamb is organically farmed and 100% grass-fed resulting in a wonderful sweet and flavoursome meat.

Shoulder of lamb is a well-kept secret.  It is excellent value and, cooked correctly, can be the tastiest lamb cut of them all!  We think that keeping the shoulder on the bone adds to the flavour.  Shoulder of lamb is made for slow cooking.  Its tasty and nutritious meat, interleaved with seams of fat, is full of the sweetness and flavour that is brought out by slow cooking.  We recommend “Greek taverna” style slow roasting with garlic and herbs to add flavour.  To be truly authentic you need to add peeled potatoes to the roasting dish early on so that these cook in the meat juices.  Regular basting with the juices and always maintaining plenty of stock in the roasting pan ensure that, after its long period in the oven, the flavoursome meat literally falls off the bone when you come to carve it.


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