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Leg of Lamb


All our Lleyn lamb is organically farmed and 100% grass-fed resulting in a wonderful sweet and flavoursome meat.

A full leg of lamb makes a fabulous feast for the family Sunday lunch or for that special dinner party. The traditional French celebration dish is a fast roasted gigot or leg of lamb served very pink with French fries and flageolets, dried haricot beans, warmed up in the garlic and herb infused lamb gravy. Magnifique!

There are really two classic ways of cooking a leg of lamb : roasting it fast or baking it slow. Both are excellent and easy to do so that you can produce a dish that has the real Wow! factor.

An alternative to the fast roasting is the Greek style slow roast. Using this method the leg of lamb should be basted regularly and always have stock in the pan to keep it moist. Insert slivers of garlic into the joint before placing it in the oven and put sprigs of rosemary or thyme into the juices for the last half hour of cooking to give that authentic Greek flavour. When you come to carve a slow-baked leg of lamb, the succulent, mouth-watering meat almost falls off the bone and the flavour is awesome.

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