Wild Exmoor Venison


Venison Steaks Available between 170g & 200g 6oz/7oz steaks £11.95/kg
Roasting Joints Topside or Silverside Available between 500g to 2kg £11.95/kg
Venison Sausages £7.99/kg
Venison Mince 500g £3.99
Venison Burgers per burger £1.20


We offer FREE delivery on all local deliveries in the North Devon area, but in order to make our service more efficient and to cut down on our environmental impact we have allocated certain areas to receive deliveries on certain days.  PLEASE see our delivery page for further details.

**For all other deliveries across Mainland UK there will be an additional charge.**

We are currently working hard to set up purchasing options on our site but in the mean time please call 01271 269135 to order or use the form below and one of the TopMeadow team will be in touch about your order shortly.